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The Maynard F. Jordan Observatory

The Maynard F. Jordan Observatory is located next to the Memorial Union on the University of Maine campus. The Observatory is an integral part of the curriculum in the department of physics and Astronomy, and is frequently used by students, faculty, and the general public. It is the only public observatory in the state of Maine.

The Jordan Observatory is open for public viewing on many CLEAR Friday and Saturday evenings, from 8 pm to 10 pm September to April.



Call (207) 581-1348 for up to date viewing plans for each evening




The Maynard F. Jordan Observatory is one of the oldest buildings on the University of Maine campus; it was originally built in 1900, when the University of Maine was only known as the Maine State College.

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Light Tresspass and Excessive Skyglow


Maine's pristine night skies are under threat. Click above to find out more about the effects of improper nighttime lighting, and what you can do to help combat it.


Click on the image to learn more about excessive lighting


The Jordan Observatory offers several useful tools and links for astronomers. They include links to SEDS: Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, The Hubble Space Telescope Science Institute Digitized Sky Survey, the U.S. Naval Observatory and the "Sky and Telescope" magazine website, along with other sky watching resources. Monthly sky charts can be found here and are available for you to download. Skymaps has very detailed sky charts with planet finding information and calendar of events.



Looking to buy a telescope of your own? Be sure to read through these recommendations and tips first



Current Weather updates are always crucial to outdoor night sky viewing. On the weather page you will find the most recent Orono, Maine observing conditions along with satellite imaging and a clear sky clock.

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