Touching the Edge of the Universe

Four hundred years after Galileo Galilei’s ground-breaking discoveries, two sophisticated scientific satellites are launched into the universe. These complex space telescopes will look at very distant events in space that our eyes cannot see. They will observe the birth of stars and planets and look back to the very beginning of time. Touching the Edge of the Universe brings the secrets of the distant cosmos direct to you.

For the latest information on the European Space Agency's two missions go to these web sites:

ESA Herschel Currently on mission.

ESA Planck Currently on mission- this is the first European mission to study the birth of the universe.

The 1/2-hour video portion of this program may start 400 years ago but it takes viewers forward in time to the formation of a solar-type system as we discover it taking shape in the clouds of the Orion nebula, and backin time to witness the conditions of the new-born universe.

A live tour of the current night sky as viewed from a Maine hilltop begins this exploration and questions are welcomed by the planetarium host.

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