Origins of Life

Ages 10 - Adult

With so many planets being discovered outside our solar system, the question on everybody’s mind is “is there life out there?”  Life has been found in so many extreme environments on Earth that the idea of life in space is becoming more and more believable. This intriguing world of astrobiology is explored in “Origins of Life.” 

In this omni-dome based show, join scientists as they search for extra-solar planets, planets that orbit around stars that are not our sun. Witness some of the most extreme environments in which life has been found, from the barren plains of the Antarctic to the depths of the ocean.

Origins of life is designed to work with the Maine Learning results, especially for the high school level, and to appeal to families.

Maine Learning Results:
Grades 3-5: D1.c; D2.e
Grades 6-8: D1.a; D1.b; D2.f; D3.e
Grades 9-12: D2.a; D3.g; D3.i

Next Generation Science Standards
HSS. ESS-SS: ESS1. A and ESS1. B

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