Little Star that Could

Ages 4-7 Grades PK - 2

It's hard to be a little star in a big universe! Join a medium sized, yellow star as he makes his way through space. In his travels he meets many different types of stars and learns about some of the other things that makes our universe so interesting. After meeting stars, nebulas, and galaxies, the little star takes a good look at himself and finds that he, too, is special. He has nine planets that depend on him for warmth and light. Along with the little star audiences learn the ways each planet is special.

Maine Learning Results:
Pre K-2: D1.a; D3.a
Grades 3-5: D1.a; D1.b; D1.c; D2.a

Next Generation Science Standards
1. PC: ESS1. A
5. SSS: ESS1. A and ESS1.

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