It's About Time

Grades 5-9

Some day our children may travel to orbit in a Space Elevator. Some day we may use a Time Telescope to watch the Big Bang, the birth and death of a star, or an explosion on the Sun. Explore these wonderful inventions from the "science future" and discover the many clocks that keep time in the Universe.

It's About Time travels to an orbiting geosynchronous space station while viewing the changes that days and seasons cause on earth. In orbit the wonders of the universe are seen through a telescope, then see it as it really is today by capturing a wormhole that shortens the distance that light travels to earth.

This OmiDome adventure explains the cycles that rule our planet and our lives, and ends with the entire life of the universe compressed into a single day.

See distant galaxies as they appear today and escape from a lethal solar storm just in time. A tour of today's stars under the familiar backyard sky begins this incredible journey.

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